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    I am on the Windows client, have all the ports routed, every firewall disabled to make sure that can’t be a problem, but I still get “Local SJC not found (make sure to run the latest SJC200731 and/or probably try a different browser). ” and “STAGE entered without a running SJC / Soundjack Box or there is a connection issue between STAGE and SJC.” when I browse to the Stage section of the new site. Is the Windows client still having a global issue or is there something else I can try that isn’t in the tutorials?


    Hej Joseph, theoretically it should work. Ideally let’s schedule a meeting with a remote-desktop sharing tool. Then I will get a better idea of what’s wrong. Please send me a PM on this platform so we can make an appointment. Best Alex


    Just to avoid misunderstandings: I will try to support OSX down to 10.9 soon.


    Done – OSX works down to 10.9 now.


    Hi There! Thanks for all the work and what must be countless hours put in. I’m on the newest Public Stage page using SJC200828. I’m having a problem with my Behringer UMC202HD. Seems no matter what I do the VU meter is red. I’m using windows 10. For the input I have “In 1-2 (Behringer UMC 202HD 192K)” and for output I have “Speakers (Behringer UMC 202HD 192)”. Sample rate is set at 48K on both Spoundjack and the UMC console. I have tried various buffers, each time clicking on the Public Stage button to refresh once I make any changes. I have had no problems with this audio interface connecting and working with either JamKazam or Jamulus. Any help would be appreciated with what I might be doing wrong. Thanks!


    Behringer UMC 202HD 192K that you’re using th 192 kHz version of the driver and this won’t work. Also this name implies that you’re using the WASAPI driver which often does not perform well anyways. Does the card have an ASIO driver ? If yes please use this one. If it does not please try ASIO4ALL instead.


    Thanks so much for the reply! After looking at some other audio programs I realized I should have picked “UMC ASIO Driver” for input and output rather than the “In 1-2 (Behringer UMC 202HD 192K)” and “Speakers (Behringer UMC 202HD 192)”. DOH! Thanks again and sorry for my stupidity not being able to figure this out.


    Don’t worry – on the other hand it is also a usability issue. Most likely I will switch WASPI devices off again because they often don’t work well plus the latency is not ideal and it leads to mentioned confusion. So – thanks in return !


    Greetings! Alex or others who are working with 4 or more peers, can you tell me how good my computer needs to be (processor speed, number of cores, memory) to handle connection to three or more peers?

    Our chorus (Baltimore Mens’ Chorus) is trying to determine whether we have what we need to go forward.



    see reply on the other thread

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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