Windows 10 setup issues

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    I watched the tutorial:

    but it is just for Mac/Apple and there is no equivalent configuration/setup possible as described at min 7:40, that is, make the absolutely necessary SoundJack connections between SJC200240 or SJC200828 and the Applications folder as shown in the setup window (drag SJC200240 here).
    All Windows users are provided with is a folder – SJC200828 that has inside .dll-s grouped in 9 sub folders and other 16 .dll-s plus and the soundjack.exe. When one clicks on it and Command window named Interface Control TCP opens waiting for browser connection and asking to enter the Stage on Website, which I did.
    The left panel indicates several correct measurements of my audio interface setup (48000 HZ – which I had changed from 44000, the buffer that I had established for 512) but it was impossible to access the fields: Set local network interface, Set audio input and output device: when trying to click on the adjustment arrows, a black little contextual window was popping up each time preventing me to do something.
    After a while I had to pop-up windows that showed on the screen: Local SJC not found and the second saying: Connection Issue between Stage and SJC, which brings me back to the installation problem in comparaison with Mac: Windows users are not provided with a mean to connect SJC with an Application folder; when one clicks on the soundjack.exe, which I put in my Documents (no indications where to put it or what to do with it), it is like soundjack functions as a standalone application.
    So, please, also provide a tutorial for Windows users as you did for Mac users. Otherwise, we just have to keep guessing …

    Thank you very much


    The processes are the same for all OS except for tiny differences. On Windows there is no spcial installer yet – here you simply need to extract the zip file and click on soundjack.exe. Note that the folder can be located anywhere on your machine. Regarding genral usability please check the tech tutorial and videos – it’s all described in there.


    Clicked on the .exe and it still doesn’t let me get on stage!


    Got it! I just have to click and leave.exe OPEN while I click Stage! Thank you! 🙂


    I am having similar issues. Win10 64 bit, 4 core DellXPS13. I also Watched the tutorials, did everything that I think was being asked but was I was unable to get past a yellow button, no matter what I changed, then was advised by local tech to install the Win10 drivers manually and to use PreSonus_UniversalControl_v3_3_0_59348.exe I did this and it then said a similar message that there was no SJC installed. I clicked on that program again, left the window open as I had already, and it still is a yellow button, and I get that black bar preventing any of the dropdown menus from being selected. No clue jhow to proceed. Is PreSonus_UniversalControl_v3_3_0_59348 a legiitmate program? IS it malware? Do Win drivers need to be installed separately? Do I need to uninstall everything and start over?


    Actually now, after the fourth restart, plugging and unplugging the audiobox several times, the black bar is gone. Still only a yellow dot.


    What are the settings that lead to a yellow dot – it simply means that the card cannot be started with these settings. You might want to try it with one channel only. If this does not help I can only imagine that the card does not accept 16 Bit configuration but this would be surprising – it that possibly the case ?

    Also – what do you mean with the black bar ? Please post a screenshot of it in the chat so we know.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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