Using Audacity with Soundjack

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    I have used Blackhole16 to create an aggregate device on my Mac computer that has 18 channels. I use an AudioBox 96 as my interface.
    I have previously successfully used this set to be able to record on audacity using jacktrip, designating the aggregate device as my interface. This means in Audacity I also set the aggregate device as input and output devices.
    Unfortunately, my bandmates have found jacktrip too challenging to use. So we are trying to turn to Soundjack.
    Soundjack also allows me to designate the aggregate device as my input and output devices, but Audacity is not taking the output to record.
    Does anyone have any suggestion as to what I can try?


    If I understand correctly, the issue is that the output you select in Soundjack’s output dropdown menu is not being picked up by Blackhole.

    I use Loopback, not Blackhole, to accomplish what you are doing. When I do that, I don’t worry about the output device designated in the SoundJack webpage, but instead I capture the audio output from the Chrome app.

    I don’t know Blackhole, but does it have an option to capture an application’s audio output?

    What about downloading the trial version of Loopback and experimenting with that, to see if you can eliminate Blackhole as a variable?


    You’d have to choose the correct output channel in soundjack for it to go into the black hole. Then make sure it correlates to the correct channel in your aggregate device set as input in the DAW. That output choice is only found once you establish a connection.


    Theoretically I think I have found a way to use Blackhole 16ch as the driver for input and output in SJ and then start Logic X with an aggregate device ( first 16 channel Blackhole and then the hardware driver , in my case Motu Traveller 32ch )

    In Logic I created a routing with ins and outs via aux channels and It did exactly what It should I could send you the Logic File , if you want …


    hello David , I’m busy right now but I would gladly talk to you on Thursday or Friday … I will contact you then

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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