stream radio/silent stage (audio only) to a weblink or IP ?

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    i just got to hear about soundjack from a friend.
    I made an account and saw the 4 videos on youtube.
    Still I find it hard to figure out what purpose soundjack is really made for.
    When I asked my friend, it was about streaming a kind of silent stage (radio) with a low latency.
    So far it seems this could be possible using the software and I really appreciate the work you guys did here.

    However, my question remains:
    Is it possible to stream an audio signal from a laptop to a weblink that free to open fpr everyone ?

    Me and my band are dreaming of a solution to send our live audio to a IP or http, to make people log in easily.
    I´m new in this field and so far I dont really get what is possible and what not.
    It just seems like what I´m searching for is kind of tricky and I don`t really see why actually.
    Shouldn´t it be easy to send a live audio to weblink thats free to open. We dont need a pause button or anything. Just the audio playing from the moment you connect to the page and hopefully a low latency to keep the live feeling for our guests.

    Hope this is fine to understand. If there is any questions please feel free to ask.
    We would really like to donate a fair ammount, that we collect at our first events, if there is a way to use soundjack for our plan. Things like this should be supported and I rather use this engine than any big distributer with high cost and no service in the end.

    Thanks allready,
    best regards,
    Otis from @filoundeisman

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