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    Today, I encountered a strange issue involving the account of our Voice Professors. She was unable to load the stage, and did not see any of the usual popups that appear to indicate a problem with the Soundjack app. What makes this odd is that the behavior repeated when we used her login on my computer, which had been running Soundjack without issue under my user account moments before. The only difference between now and the last time she used Soundjack successfully is that she was invited to and made an admin of a group.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


    I’m having the exact same problem!


    I am having this problem as well. The stage area is just a blank white space. In case it helps, I’m on a Macbook Pro, using Vivaldi as the browser.


    What are the usernames of the people where it does not work ?


    The username I have seen this on is thopkin. Thank you for looking into this, Alex.


    Our band member m-fishman was unable to see the stage today for most of the evening. Same as @ja just described, blank white stage. macOS (newish … 10.13 or 10.14) with Chrome. It worked at first, but then he was unable to re-join. Even after restarting Chrome multiple times, multiple reboots. Maybe this was tied to the general flakyness of the stage today, but it was so consistently bad for him (while the rest of us could successfully join) that probably something else was going on.


    It seems to be working for me now. Thanks, Alex!


    when i try to load the stage the column on the far left-hand side with settings fully loads, but there is a huge white space in the middle between the setting column and the public chatroom column on the right


    There were casual issues during the last day but by yesterday evening all of them should be resolved. Also random connections are fixed. There might still be FMB connect issues – in this case please report to Christian.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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