No sound returned from SJC servers

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    I don’t get sound returned from either of the SJC mirrors, they connect easily but I only get local sound. The other two mirrors return sound but the latency is double or more. The only difference I can see is the ports used 5401 which works, and 50050, my router is forwarded on 50050. Any sugestions please as I guess this will cause problems later on. Thanks Malcolm


    You won’t get your on sound back from a server but should from a mirror.
    Sometimes Alex works on stuff that makes problems until he has solved that. In general it makes sense if you try again a few hours later.
    If it still doesn’t work you might try the public chat to ask others if they have the same problem. I‘m not at home for a few days and no fast internet here. I can check it during the weekend, but not earlier.

    System, OS version, three digit NAT code indicating the port forwarding and sound interface would help to know what might be happening.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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