New Soundjack and new Focusrite driver don’t seem to work together

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    After the latest Soundjack update (10106) my bandmate can’t get it to work with his Focusrite configuration. He followed the link on the SJ download page to request a patch from Focusrite, downloaded and installed the latest driver, and still no luck after multiple weeks.
    Any ideas? He’s tried the various solutions on Youtube to no avail. Hoping we can get this resolved soon!


    I’m sorry, I tried to answer two times, but it didn’t work.

    The current driver 4.65.5 does not work with SoundJack. Version does work, but needs to be requested from Focusrite. It will work with all Scarlett interfaces from 1st to 3rd gen, but for 1st or 2nd gen you want to remove the Focusrite control application after the installation of the driver. I tried to include a link here but it did not work.


    Alex just posted the link to a patch for the actual driver in the public chatroom:

    and instructions:

    Download and unzip the attached .bat file [unzip the zip and you get a folder with two .bat-files]
    Right-click on the SetAltStreamingMode.bat file and select “Run as admin”
    Disconnect your Scarlett
    Wait a few seconds
    Reconnect the Scarlett
    Test with SoundJack again

    I’m not sure if it is specific to the 2i2, but since it is the same driver is for several Focusrite interfaces it should work with other interfaces (probably up to 6i6 or 8i6) too.
    It just changes a registry entry for the Focusrite driver to use a different streaming mode.

    The other .bat-file sets it back to standard streaming mode (StandardStreamingMode).
    For SoundJack you need the alternative streaming mode (AltStreamingMode).

    In the download section you find a link to a Focusrite page where you can contact Focusrite and ask them to send you this patch.


    Anyone tried the Focusrite beta drivers?


    Not yet. But I might in a few minutes. I will check the patch too.

    The actual regular driver works when using the “Patch” (which only sets a registry value). Just tried myself.
    Be sure to run the SetAltStreamingMode.bat as administrator. Then load the stage again and it works.


    The Beta Focusrite_Usb_4.87.4.709_Installer_843.exe works for SoundJack, but it needs the “Patch” that was meant to be used for version as well.
    But if you already patched version, then you don’t need to do it again if you install over the older driver.

    Its use may lead to some more dropouts than the official version, but I’m not completely sure about that.


    Hello all, new guy here, just wanted to say that I’m using my 18i20 with the latest drivers (4.102.4) and it


    to be working? I’d love to jump on the stage with someone to test further. Not worried about latency yet, as I’m temporarily stuck using Wifi, just wanted to see if a signal does in fact work from this device through SoundJack

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