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    I am completely new to soundjack, and would love to help my group implement remote rehearsals. I have read through systems and other hardware requirements, but have not seen anything that would suggest limits on internet speed. I am uncertain what the constraints might be, although I understand the latency issue. Some of the players in our group have DSL, a bit slower that optical cable.
    Could this be a problem that would doom us?


    That depends on group size and connection method:
    peer-to-peer is faster but limited to about 5 to 6 participants (except all of you have at least 4-core processors) and in most cases port forwarding on the router is needed,
    server is slower (twice the network delay) more participants are possible (but not too much, that’s what the still developed mass server is for), no port forwarding needed, except if you run a server yourself which would be better than using a distant public server.
    DSL works well, optical is a bit quicker in response time but not too much difference. Cable providers are not the best choice and anything mobile or wireless (except perhaps 5G) has a long transmission delay that makes it unusable.

    Read Alex 10-SJ-Commandments and also have a look at the user docs.
    SJ is constantly developed by Alex, so it might give times where things won’t work as well as before. But usually that doesn’t take long to be corrected and with any software newer versions may need more processing power.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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