Connections drop when navigating away from Stage

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    It’s annoyingly easy to navigate away from the stage by mistake, and this instantly cuts all audio connections. There’s much more reason to mess around on the page nowadays, with the new “social media” features which are available. Is it technically necessary that the connection gets cut when the browser leaves the Stage page? Couldn’t the SoundJack app keep the connection up on its own (without the “help” of the browser), and hand back control to the browser once it returns to the stage?
    Or at the very least, maybe there could be a “lock” feature. So that once the stage is active with at least one connection to another user, the user has to actively confirm that they want to leave the stage, to prevent the connections being dropped.


    Thanks for this comment which I fully understand. Regarding a possible change I need to think about this first because it would be a core conceptual modification.


    For my use cases, I’d prefer to see energy first to having a stage connection persist when an iOS device is remote controlling a FMB even when the screen sleeps or when clicking over to another app 🙂


    Do I understand correctly that you’d like to keep the connection up in any case – also when leaving the stage ? This is totally possible but you’d then have no control parameters anymore. This is how the short-term solution would look like.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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