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    I have some problems with the connection over soundjack.

    The system works well over DSL connection with IPv4.
    When I want to connect over “Kabel” connection (in Germany unitymedia / vodafone), with IPv6, the uploaded sound is with strong crackle noise (looks like packet loss).
    I was able to determine this behavior on various “Kabel” internet connection points.

    What can I do to solve this problem?
    My perception is that more and more people realize their internet connection over “Kabel” (unitymedia / vodafone) with IPv6, it would be great if they could use soundjack too.

    Best regards


    SoundJack does not work with IPv6 (yet). It is planned to implement that too, but this persists since at least nine months, so don’t expect that to be there soon. You may want to contact Alex directly, he might give you a better time frame info than me.
    Also have a look at the “DEV STATUS” tab.


    Theoretically tunneling IPv4 through IPv6 might be an option, but don’t ask me how to do that.
    You need at least an IPv6 address that can be the end of the tunnel and gives you an IPv4 address for your end.

    Are all IP-adresses on your local network IPv6-adresses?

    I’m not too familiar with IPv6, but I think there is an address range in IPv6 that maps IPv4 adresses.
    But I’m not sure if that really transfers into IPv4.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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