cellular ethernet tether success?

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    Anyone tried using cellular internet with a wired ethernet tether to the Fast Music Box?


    As in using an ethernet cable between your FMB and your cellphone, and then using your cellphone’s data plan for internet? Unfortunately this will not work for low latency music making. To have workably low latency there can be no wireless connections anywhere in your data chain.


    Yes that is the connection I want to try. Seems I need a USB adapter before I can try this myself. Sadly, low latency is not achievable with my current cable ethernet so I wanted to try the comparison.


    I tried cellular 3G with soundjack via Bluetooth and WLAN from a MacBook Pro. That gives about 500 ms latency. No, that doesn’t work with SoundJack, but it could be used to broadcast the mix of a SoundJack session to YouTube or similar live broadcast platforms.

    The Ethernet cable either works, has a lot of connection problems with any traffic or doesn’t work at all. I’am pretty sure it’s not the cable but the infrastructure behind the cable that has problems.

    In case I didn’t understand correctly. Cable providers (!) share one transfer medium to several users. So intense traffic from a different user in this medium can delay your traffic. Then you get more red blinking at the jitter buffer number selection. Nothing you can do unless you can control the other user or change to a different provider.


    Chris, before you write-off your ISP, have you read through Ian Howell’s guide on optimizing connections for soundjack (https://www.ianhowellcountertenor.com/soundjack-comprehensive-user-guide)? This requires going into expert settings and tweaking several things. Also be sure to have your FMB directly wired to your router via ethernet.

    While I recommend everyone read through the whole guide (several times even!), you should most certainly read through pages 33-46 to get an understanding of what each setting does and how it effects latency.

    If you have already gone through these steps, what kind of latencies are you seeing? Is the person you are connected with also wired to their router and gone through the same steps to optimize their connection? How far away are they geographically?


    Yes, we tried all the optimizations. Problem seems to be geography.


    Theoretically this shoul work though I myself have never done it. With 4G latency is too high but with 5G this will be a truly valid option.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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