Buglet (Buegchen?) of latency figure persisting

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    In current Vivaldi browser on the current [Stage] page there appears the following scenario:

    1. The public/private dropdown is set to “public p2p”.
    2. It is changed to “public servers/mirrors”.
    2a. A mirror is chosen and its latency figure appears in its row.
    3. The public/private dropdown is reset to “public p2p”.
    3a. The old latency figure from 2a magically appears in its old row, next to a random [Stage] user without a connection to me.

    I have screen shots, but it only takes a minute to try the above steps…

    Kind regards,


    P.S.: I gather that the new VU thermometers permit more rows per screen; however the old VU meter widgets are a powerful if slightly antique metaphor, resembling a stoplight in that respect, at least to these 65 year old eyes 😉


    Hej, yes – what you describe is a bug which also occured in the old version 🙂 simply disconnect when you change the group. Then it simply won’t happen 🙂


    Got it – thanks very much, Alex!


    This is an old bug. In earlier versions there was no distinction between users and mirrors/servers. The Alex introduced the distinction that lead to this strange behaviour. I’m sure this is very low on the list of urgent changes since it is mostly cosmetic. But I totally agree that it is irritating.

    But thanks anyway for the reminder. Even for more urgent changes it might take a few weeks and several intermediate updates until they are solved. We need to be patient and hope for the best.

    Alex will work on it, at the right time which might not be in the near future. Maybe changes in between may lead to a different situation where that problem no longer exists.

    BTW, buglet in german would be “Käferchen” (from german “Käfer”) or “Wänzchen” (from german “Wanze”).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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