Audio Distortion and Clicking

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    Hello there,

    I’m not getting a reasonable setup right now. While the local loopback signal works just fine, I’m getting weird audio glitches all over the place when trying to use the Mirror servers or even connecting to myself (LAN IP). If I use the linear encoding, I’m hearing a significant noisy distortion, which cannot be solved by increasing the network or jitter buffers. If I increase the sample buffer to 512, there is considerably less distortion.

    However, as soon as I try using *any* of the OPUS encoding settings, some weird rhythmic clicking sound appears, which is extremely annoying.

    During testing, there are warnings such as “55008.496116800 SJ2d50 WARNING circularbuffer.cpp:451: PREVIOUS BYTES != CURRENT BYTES – PREV: 64 ACTUAL: 128” which may be related to this issue.

    Any ideas what could cause these issues? I tried the usual stuff such as fiddling around with driver settings, reinstalling them etc.

    Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen with Focusrite USB Asio Drivers

    (ASIO4ALL drivers result in similar problems for me; however latency is much higher and a buffer size smaller than 256 do not work at all there)


    The current windows driver does not work with SoundJack. You need an older driver.

    Get that one:

    Should work with all versions of Scarlett interfaces (and some other Focusrite interfaces mentioned on first page after start).
    For 1st & 2nd Gen. (only!) the Focusrite Control could be deleted in Settings -> Apps after install. Otherwise you get an irritating message from Focusrite Control because that part is not supported on the older interfaces. But you don’t need to.

    Specially since you have a 3rd Gen. you shouldn’t delete that part, but other users may read that and stay informed that way.

    Had the same problem and solved it with the help of Alex and Focusrite Support.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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