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    Is it possible to adjust the gain within the FMB? The gain coming through SJ is quite low, and when I look at the gain on the FMB landing page, my gain from my interface is listed as -57db. Can that be raised at all? I have the gain on my Scarlett all the way up.


    Hej Amy, the FMB is not related to soundcard specifics such as gain etc. – neither Soundjack is some kind of amplifier. However, if you talk about your own (loopback) signal have you made sure to increase the (large) volume fader on the SJ settings (on the left) to the very right (maximum) ? It is set to 20% in its origina state. That being said you need to adjust gain at the soundcard level.


    I usually turn the volume fader for my own (on the left) down so I don’t hear so much of myself. I need to hear more of the other people. And I have their faders turned up all the way to the right. On my interface, I have the gain on my mic all the way up. Yesterday, while doing some testing, my colleague experimented with her input settings, changing them from Send Channels 1 to Send Channels 2 (mono) and (stereo) and it changed how much she could hear of me. Which seems strange because that setting should be affecting her input, not mine. I will continue to experiment with my interface to see if I can boost the signal. The reading of -57db just seemed odd to me.


    The old audio engineers’ trick is “lower all faders to middle, turn headphones up”.


    Also – if you are at max for their volume – then simply ask them to increase *their* gain. Your gain has no significance in that context.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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