Actual Version SJ does not work with RME Audio

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    Hello since the spring version of Soundjack, I can no longer use the new versions.

    The program starts in the background and everything seems ok.

    But when I enter the “stage”, the programme runs through all (!) ASIO ports.

    There is neither a notification on the screen that it did not work, nor is there an error in the SJ.
    Only in the SJ does one see that no audio connection was established.

    Unfortunately, the log also remains completely empty. If I start again, the system says it has crashed.

    Sometimes, after a long time, an info about a crash appears.

    I use RME Fireface (driver from May 2021). with an actual patched Win10.
    Surely it has something to do with the MANY ports. But I only need 2 ports.

    How can I limit the ports ?
    How can I generate an error log or turn off the error ?

    Thx for help



    OK I must try anything to get it work.

    Can anybody give me a hint to solve the problem?

    Do nobody use a RME Fireface 802 ?



    Hi Roland, we typically do not have isues with RME cards at all. Can you better describe what you mean by “running through all the ports” ?




    Hello Alex,

    the situation is the normal behaviour when you enter the stage. In the DOS Windows the program steps through the ASIO Channels. Then the stage is ready. I only use 2 Channels. But the program is always stepping through all channels.

    In the older version the program runs through all channels and then stage is ready. In the newer versions it starts to run and then it crashs.

    I can try to make a video of that



    Yeah, please show it visually because I still did not get what the issue is but I am sure we will resolve the problem soon. I have plenty of RME cards and all of them work just fine. So I am optimistic 😉



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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