Actual Version SJ (12.5.21) does not work

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    I work with version SJ 11.3.21 and the RME Fireface stable. (WIN 10, USB driver 1.210)

    Now I have installed the new version SJ (12.5.21) on the system. After calling up SJ, the Commandline window appears and waits for the browser (Stage).

    After I go to the Stage area in the browser, the system runs through the Fireface in the Commandline window and terminates after the Analog 11 input.

    NO entry appears in the log SJ-LOG.txt.

    What can I do to better isolate the error?


    It seems that I have a big problem.
    How can I give more info about my problem in the forum if the system does not provide any info (LOGS)?

    How can you help me?

    Am I the only user who has such a problem ?

    Is there a “Verbose Mode” of the Soundjack software for debugging ??

    I am hoping of any help

    PC (XI Machine XEON 16 GB RAM) with Win 10 current patch level,
    RME Fireface 802 with software USB driver 12.12 HW Setup 15


    Sorry to respond late.
    I’m not a professional supporter for SoundJack, even if it looks like that. I’m just a user trying to help and didn’t look into SoundJack for a while.

    I think I had more or less the same problem with my older MOTU firewire interface (Traveler) with my Mac under MacOS X 10.11.6.
    I can remember that the SJC crashed when accessing channel 11 or beyond (can not remember exactly), so I try to check it again tomorrow and contact Alex about it.

    Alex told me that there are still some multichannel issues and that might be one of them.

    Since it happens with Mac OS (X) and a different interface too, it doesn’t seem to be OS or hardware related but an SJC problem.
    I come back here if have checked what the problem is exactly, so everyone can see what is possible and where are the limits with the current SJC210512.
    Stay tuned.


    It seems Alex is working on something. But it also seems that all multichannel output results in a feedback loop when changing the output channels of connected parties. And this feedback loop still remains if the connection is closed.
    Since Alex did change a lot for the multichannel stuff, there might be several bugs in there, some of them probably introduced by trying to solve the known ones.
    I would say that currently only one or two channel operation works.
    Feel free to try the multichannel output, but don’t be astonished if it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.


    Thanks for the answers, I was on a business trip and had no chance to test anything.

    How can I reduce the number of the used channels? This feature is new for me. In the stage I am only using 2 channels


    Sorry, I’m on vacation and doing a lot of work, so no time to look into SoundJack.
    The problem only arises if you use more than two channels (at least on my side). I didn’t got a feedback problem with one or two channels (mono, dual mono o stereo).

    You can set the number of transmitted channel in the left column of SoundJack at “capture/send channels: “. Received channels are (as far as I know) automatically distributed to consecutive channels starting with the channel number set for sender at the right side at the line for the sender.

    I haven’t checked for any changes during the last weeks, so the problem might have been gone.
    Currently I don#t have the time nor the equipment to do multichannel tests.

    You might want to have a look at the public chatroom. Older messages can be reached by clicking above the first visible message at the top “Load more”. You might want to do that several times since only some more messages are loaded every time.

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