Reply To: Local SJC not found


I have had this problem and have tried countless things to fix it. I’ve re-launched SJC, cleared the browser cache, and tried a different browser without success. I also had the problem with the previous SJC200731 and couldn’t figure it out. Then, I tried switching computers- I went from a MS Surface to a rather old (> 10 years) Toshiba laptop, both running W10. Then, mysteriously, it worked great. But, when SJC200828 appeared, my Toshiba suddenly had the same problem. I again went into the long debugging process of clearing cache, trying other browser, etc. again without success. When I ran JSC200828 in it I got a bunch of error messages (I have a screen shot of it but I don’t know how to include it here). So, today I switched back to trying it on my MS Surface and now it seems to work fine.