Reply To: Soundjack Development Testing


Hi There! Thanks for all the work and what must be countless hours put in. I’m on the newest Public Stage page using SJC200828. I’m having a problem with my Behringer UMC202HD. Seems no matter what I do the VU meter is red. I’m using windows 10. For the input I have “In 1-2 (Behringer UMC 202HD 192K)” and for output I have “Speakers (Behringer UMC 202HD 192)”. Sample rate is set at 48K on both Spoundjack and the UMC console. I have tried various buffers, each time clicking on the Public Stage button to refresh once I make any changes. I have had no problems with this audio interface connecting and working with either JamKazam or Jamulus. Any help would be appreciated with what I might be doing wrong. Thanks!