Reply To: Does Soundjack run on Apple Silicon?


Hi Stacie,

did you download and start SJC?

The firewall needs to be opened for SoundJack in case you have an activated firewall under Settings -> Security (or something similar) and the firewall tab. You can temporarily open the firewall completely to check if this is the problem. If it works then, activate the firewall again and make an exception for the SJC to allow access to network ports.
You might even need to allow network connection every time the SJC is started and first accessed by the SoundJack website. At least on my MacOS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
Disabling the firewall completely is not a good idea for a longer time, even though you might get rid of that dialog window that way.

If this solved your problem please report, so others can learn from it. Thanks!