Reply To: Actual Version SJ (12.5.21) does not work


Sorry, I’m on vacation and doing a lot of work, so no time to look into SoundJack.
The problem only arises if you use more than two channels (at least on my side). I didn’t got a feedback problem with one or two channels (mono, dual mono o stereo).

You can set the number of transmitted channel in the left column of SoundJack at “capture/send channels: “. Received channels are (as far as I know) automatically distributed to consecutive channels starting with the channel number set for sender at the right side at the line for the sender.

I haven’t checked for any changes during the last weeks, so the problem might have been gone.
Currently I don#t have the time nor the equipment to do multichannel tests.

You might want to have a look at the public chatroom. Older messages can be reached by clicking above the first visible message at the top “Load more”. You might want to do that several times since only some more messages are loaded every time.