Reply To: Actual Version SJ (12.5.21) does not work


Sorry to respond late.
I’m not a professional supporter for SoundJack, even if it looks like that. I’m just a user trying to help and didn’t look into SoundJack for a while.

I think I had more or less the same problem with my older MOTU firewire interface (Traveler) with my Mac under MacOS X 10.11.6.
I can remember that the SJC crashed when accessing channel 11 or beyond (can not remember exactly), so I try to check it again tomorrow and contact Alex about it.

Alex told me that there are still some multichannel issues and that might be one of them.

Since it happens with Mac OS (X) and a different interface too, it doesn’t seem to be OS or hardware related but an SJC problem.
I come back here if have checked what the problem is exactly, so everyone can see what is possible and where are the limits with the current SJC210512.
Stay tuned.