Reply To: Audient iD4 MKII


Thank you so much for your response, Jörg. You are spot on! It was indeed FMB related. There was a massive update coming down and my FMB was still in the middle of it. Once that completed, I was able to get on Stage and connect with others. I even had a successful lesson.

I did reach out to the Symonics folks and they were kind enough to respond with information. I’d like to share that here in case others are interested in Audient iD4 MKII. iD4 is not one of the tested interfaces today, and that’s why the audio interface status is a red X, as you point out and also confirmed by Symonics. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work with Soundjack. It means that it’s not recognized by FMB as a supported interface. I understand from the Symonics folks that when FMB sees a previously unknown interface, they receive a notification from it, and as long as the latency is acceptable, the new interface will be added to the supported list and will show a green check mark the next time an update is pushed out.

I also learned about running the latency test. Even though the interface isn’t yet recognized, I saw that the interface name gets displayed correctly along with the USB ID, gain and frame size in the audio interface status section of the FMB portal. What I was missing was the latency measurement. It was blank. I was advised to get the gain within the accepted range (-10dB to +10dB) and then run the test. (Both the mic and headphone must be plugged in.) My gain was initially -30dB, but by adjusting the mic gain and mix volume, I was able to get it down (up?) to -8.5dB and the latency measurement came up! It showed 32ms. I don’t know if that’s fast enough to be accepted to the “golden” list, but as I mentioned earlier, I had a successful lesson on Soundjack with it. Even with the latency measurement and successful connection, the audio interface status remains a red X for the reason explained above.