Reply To: Audient iD4 MKII


Since no one has answered yet:
Ask Symonics since it is FMB-related.
I don’t have a FMB, so it’s mostly guessing what could have gone wrong or why it won’t work.

The iD4 is not listed on the Symonics website as a working interface, but the iD44 is. Drivers are the same for Mac and Windows, so the chances are good that the iD4 should work too.
But it might depend on the interface’s USB identification, that should be different on these two models. Maybe the USB ID for the iD4 is not in the list of supported interfaces and therefor the interface is not accepted by the driver.

It might be that the update process didn’t work, so reboot and try again. I doubt that’s the case here, but a reboot is always a good idea if something goes wrong.

It might be something else like a faulty connection to the interface or the router.

A screen shot might have helped to see what the red X can mean.
All red at your name on the stage usually means no connection to the SoundJack-controller (because of a firewall or not running the SoundJack-controller at all or wrong version of the SoundJack-controller).

But that’s an FMB-related problem, so please check with Symonics.
Keep in mind that you already paid for the Symonics support buying your FMB.