Reply To: soundjack.exe quits – problem


I’m not sure if it would help, but create a new user (only for SoundJack) and log in into that user with no other active login at the same time. Optimally reboot with no user logged in (even not in background) and log into the SoundJack user account. The only thing you need there is the SJC which you might need to download again and access to a web browser for SoundJack.
If you are lucky, the error message is gone.

The problem might be that another application or background demon already uses the port numbers that SoundJack wants to use and that leads to the problem. One known application which does this is manycam, therefor the hint to deinstall manycam if it is installed. But any other application can grab the port too, not only manycam. In this case unfortunately you are on your own to detect and remove the application that blocks the ports that SoundJack need.

It might be a firewall that blocks, so one of the first things should be to check if SoundJack has full access (or at least access to the needed ports for SoundJack).