Reply To: Low audio levels


I think it is a security setting. It is very easy to put the slider for one participant only completely right for full volume. There are different positions and I think Alex wants to avoid support answers for those who don’t understand that adding more partners can overload the output if the individual levels are not put down.
It should be safe for situations with many participants like choirs and larger ensembles if the participants are not good friends with technology.
Those who know what to do can do it, but those who cannot (and specially it there are many of them) should get a safe preset.

You can argue the same about the jitter buffers. We all want a jitter buffer number of one. And in many cases it works. But if it doesn’t it might be more problematic to set it from one to a higher number than from a higher (safe) number to a lower one like one.

To decide what would be best we have to look at any use case, not only our own, which indeed is most important to us, but probably not good for others.
But Alex has to decide that. I’m just arguing from my point of view.