Reply To: Loud buzzer


Hi Alex, thanks for responding. I can’t figure out where the buzz is coming from but here’s a snippet of a recording where the buzzer sounds:

I was rehearsing on Soundjack with 3 other people. I was waiting for my entrance while the pianist was playing and the other singer had started singing. You can’t hear much because the video is taken on my phone and all the sound is going to my headset, but you can hear faint piano and voice leaking from my headset if you turn up the volume. Then at 0:13 you hear the buzz, louder than anything else. I think it’s coming through my headset.

My headset (and mic) is connected to PreSonus Audiobox, which is connected to a USB hub, which then is connected to FMB. (FMB alone is not enough to power the Audiobox.) Soundjack is running on my laptop which is on the same LAN as the FMB.

Others don’t hear the buzz. Only I do and it’s deafening. I’m wondering if any users of the SoundJack-FMB combo have had this issue.