Reply To: Invalid Audio Setup


A Mac can use different input and output interfaces, with Windows you need to use the same interface for input and output.
For the input you need to select an (input) device from the pull-down menu. for output an output device. If you do mix them up you get a red VU-meter. Try to exchange them (select the other one in both) if the device is twice in the list (on one setting use the first one on the other the second one). If there is only one in the list, select it on both unless you can see that one is an input and the other an output device.
On Windows the input and output device must be the same ASIO device. Otherwise it won’t work. For internal sound on Windows ASIO4ALL needs to be installed first. Don’t forget to reload the stage to get the new device into the list.

@Kathryn: You need to select the YETI (might have a generic name) at the input and loudspeakers/headphones as the output device.
For a Mac there is also a log file in the same place as the SJC. You might want to have a look at that text file.

@Ian: Did you install ASIO4ALL and select the mixer there? You the need to select ASIO4ALL as input and output device and use the headphones from the mixer. Also look out for the correct mixer setting to get sound output from USB!