Reply To: Windows 10 setup issues


I am having similar issues. Win10 64 bit, 4 core DellXPS13. I also Watched the tutorials, did everything that I think was being asked but was I was unable to get past a yellow button, no matter what I changed, then was advised by local tech to install the Win10 drivers manually and to use PreSonus_UniversalControl_v3_3_0_59348.exe I did this and it then said a similar message that there was no SJC installed. I clicked on that program again, left the window open as I had already, and it still is a yellow button, and I get that black bar preventing any of the dropdown menus from being selected. No clue jhow to proceed. Is PreSonus_UniversalControl_v3_3_0_59348 a legiitmate program? IS it malware? Do Win drivers need to be installed separately? Do I need to uninstall everything and start over?