Please read the TUTORIAL and FAQ before using Soundjack

New video (latency adjustment) available

Soundjack is a realtime communication system providing any quality- and latency- relevant parameter to the user. Depending on the physical distance, network capacities, the actual network conditions and the actual routing even musical interaction or at least compromised musical interaction is possible. Soundjack is a member of the fast research project (fast actuators, sensors and transceivers)


If you want to participate in the Soundjack community please check the TUTORIAL and the FAQ tab on this website first. Soundjack in completely free of charge, however, if you'd like to honor our work please donate an amount of your choice. This will enable us to evaluate more audio and network equipment and pushes our research and development further.

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Alden - 02:42


andybrucenet - 02:38

you keep declining me...

andybrucenet - 02:38

hi alden

Alden - 02:34

Hey andy!

Alden - 02:31

sorry I got booted

andybrucenet - 02:27

shout test

andybrucenet - 02:26

anyone want to play?

rorrr - 01:49

I cant hear you can you hear me?

pablogesell - 23:22

this really function?

pablogesell - 23:22

hello, I want to make a test, someone have a guitar or can connect with me?

Reno Drums - 20:56


Alden - 20:54

OK thanks for chatting

Reno Drums - 20:54

East US too with mor latency

Alden - 20:53

Remo, my friend Watbass is on and we can hear each other OK

Reno Drums - 20:53

level meter localhost and Audio mirror (Germany) are working

Alden - 20:51

I have just started today so I don't know yet

Alden - 20:51

I just used the Audio Mirror (East US) and the sound was ok.

Reno Drums - 20:51

What about you, can other musicians hear you?

Reno Drums - 20:50

Today no, yester day I heard them either. But on Friday I could hear a bassman Andy from Braunschweig

Alden - 20:48

Reno have you been playing with musicians today and you hear them?

Reno Drums - 20:48

Don't know whether it matters: your UDP-Port2 contains (184) ??? My port contains (314), that means it contains no "8"

Reno Drums - 20:44

Alden, I don't hear anything. I see your level meter working, but that's all

Alden - 20:43

but you can't hear me? I’ll play guitar

Alden - 20:43

yes reno I can hear you fine

Reno Drums - 20:40

Alden, did you hear me

Alden - 20:40

sorry thought I was working ok...

Reno Drums - 20:37


Alden - 20:37

how about something simple like all blues by miles

Reno Drums - 20:36

Hello Alden, which tune?

Alden - 20:35

While I wait here for a friend, does anybody want to play a jazz tune?

Reno Drums - 20:12

Hello Francesco, I can see your level meter working but don't hear anything. What about you, when I'm drummin ...

francesco_cuoghi - 20:09

for Reno Drum please accept

litti - 20:07

hello again, ich sag' einfach hello again

anderson - 20:07

hello litti

Reno Drums - 20:07

So I'd like to find out whether my settings are okay. Thanks in advance

Reno Drums - 20:06

I'd like to test my settings with somebody who is online now. The reason: I tried the connection to two friends of mine yesterday. They could hear me, but I could not hear them.

Reno Drums - 20:02

Hello to you online!

jgspix - 16:38

@jazzalex: Meine Frau unterrichtet online bis ca. 19.30 Uhr. WIr können danach oder auch morgen/demnächst weitermachen.

jgspix - 16:37

@KayParis: Did you open and forward the UDP-Port 50000 on your router to the IP-address of your computer running SoundJack? Have a look at the fourth video tutorial for that.

dparsonsii - 16:30