Soundjack is a realtime communication system providing any quality- and latency- relevant parameter to the user.

Depending on the physical distance, network capacities, the actual network conditions and the actual routing even musical interaction or at least compromised musical interaction is possible.

Soundjack is a member of the fast research project (fast actuators, sensors and transceivers)

If you want to participate in the Soundjack community please check the HOWTO tab on this website. If you have further questions feel free to contact the author Prof. Carôt (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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black6666 - 11:37


jazzalex - 11:59

Hi Blackmetal - you need to apply port forwarding. Your NAT/Firewall is very restrictive.

jazzalex - 14:37

Hi Nela, actually the SJ sound is not coming from the browser but from the application. It makes more sense to route it via Loopback, Jack or Soundflower to a recording application.

nelabrown - 14:05

I just downloaded free version of Audio Hijack (https://rogueamoeba.com/audiohijack/). Wanted to record output from Chrome (soundjack incoming audio streams) but it crashed ... is this doable?

nelabrown - 14:01

Hi Alex,

nelabrown - 13:35

I only got free version: https://rogueamoeba.com/loopback/

nelabrown - 13:34

Hello Alex! I've been routing Bitwig via Soundflower and it seemed to be very low in volume. I just tried Loopback audio - much better!

Sundari LS - 11:36

Hallo Sita, rot geht nicht weg...weiß noch nicht wodran es liegt

jazzalex - 09:36

Good news ! Do you know if this mixer can be remote controlled via the Internet (not just the internal LAN or WLAN) ?

MikeJ - 01:10

SoundsJack seems to work good with the Behringer XR18 mixer I just got this week.

JamTuner - 00:45

mike ?zat you ? :)

Stenio - 22:38

hola amigos

CougesingPeople - 22:32


f00br - 22:27


6saxman49 - 16:57

i hear you rick

MarkE - 01:35

i can hear

JamTuner - 01:34

make i can hear you - but you can't hear me it seems check your audio set up and monitoring

CHRIS V - 11:06


jazzalex - 16:32

About 400 accounts were not enabled because of the missing registration email. Now I manually enabled them. Please check.

cravischang - 08:28


JamTuner - 03:32

hello david ?

jazzalex - 08:48

Sorry, Service was down - now it's up again.

Carroll - 04:41


cravischang - 06:59


ernestfoo - 06:59


paramourcheng - 06:59


emmelinekoh - 06:56


paramourcheng - 06:56


ernestfoo - 06:08


batmanitaliano - 03:39

not4..but 20

batmanitaliano - 03:38

i change the number near the fader volume

batmanitaliano - 03:38


batmanitaliano - 03:19

thanks for your help

JamTuner - 03:17

nessun problema

batmanitaliano - 03:12

i must no use wireless

batmanitaliano - 03:12

i understand

batmanitaliano - 03:12


JamTuner - 03:10

no wierless !

Stenio - 15:46

hola, como estan?

emmelinekoh - 06:24


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