Soundjack is a realtime communication system providing any quality- and latency- relevant parameter to the user.

Depending on the physical distance, network capacities, the actual network conditions and the actual routing even musical interaction or at least compromised musical interaction is possible.

Soundjack is a member of the fast research project (fast actuators, sensors and transceivers)

If you want to participate in the Soundjack community please check the HOTWO tab on this website. If you have further questions feel free to contact the author Prof. Carôt (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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eartrumpet - 10:59

was that Achim Tang here earlier?

eartrumpet - 10:58

was that Achim Tang in here earlier?

Carroll - 03:52


antoniodelrio - 08:39

hi, anybody in?

Al Hofmann - 16:23

Ty Alex, It works fine again :-)

jazzalex - 11:01

Hej Arne, are you running a session now ? I want to modify somethig, which might cause issues. Please let me know - I can wait.

kickinchickin - 09:49


kickinchickin - 09:47

get external ip and port

JamTuner - 08:36


kickinchickin - 08:35


JamTuner - 08:35

yeah all is good for you to connect - but your setup is somehow missing monitoring properly

kickinchickin - 08:34

ok let me try something

JamTuner - 08:33

you'll have to check all your settings for mic and monitoring

kickinchickin - 08:33

everything is green

JamTuner - 08:32

audio settings on theleft

kickinchickin - 08:32

i see the meter move when i drum but nothin on my vocals

JamTuner - 08:32

i can hear drums - no voc

kickinchickin - 08:31

i cant hear you

JamTuner - 08:30

can you hear me ?

JamTuner - 08:30

I can hear your drums

kickinchickin - 08:20

how do i set up my audio

kickinchickin - 08:19

no sound

JamTuner - 08:05


JamTuner - 08:05


jazzalex - 12:24

Klar - kleinen Moment

jazzalex - 12:24

I can hear you already

jazzalex - 12:23

One second please

frankkcl - 12:23

we are using the focusrite for mic but the built-in for headphones

jazzalex - 12:23

Hi !

jazzalex - 08:49

I just uploaded a new Win version, where the bug should be fixed now. Please check. Note: You will not be forced to update because I did not associate it with a new version yet.

jazzalex - 17:18

Hi Achim !

jazzalex - 15:05

Choose expert settings please

jazzalex - 15:02

Connected fine !

jazzalex - 15:02

Here we go :-)

jazzalex - 15:01

If the settings are fine your userlist entry will turn green.

jazzalex - 15:01

Left side, third line is the soundinterface input / 4th line is the output. Please check what you can choose optinally.

jazzalex - 15:00

Looks good except your soundcard setting (in and output).

GeorgeWaddell - 15:00


jazzalex - 14:59

Hi George !

jazzalex - 07:45

The Windows sound issue is obvious - could reproduce it now. Have focus on it.

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