Reply To: rerouting soundjack output to zoom


I forgot to mention that a DI box (direct injection, made to take an instrument signal, that typically gets to an instrument amp too, but is mainly made to make a mic level signal out of the fed instrument signal that is put into the mic input of a mixer. Some of them are configurable with a ground lift (if you get noise due to ground loops). There are active ones which need a battery but typically have ahigher input impedance (500 KOhms to 1 MegOhms) which works more or less well with most piezo pickups (if you want to use the DI box also for those pickups) and passive ones that don’t need power but have a lower input impedance (have a look at the specifications of the DI box). DI boxes are typically one channel only, so if you want stereo, use two. The most expensive part of a DI box is the transformer. The quality of the transformer influences the sound quality the most. Good ones are expensive, but for a videoconferencing or YouTube broadcast the cheaper ones are mostly acceptable.
But then you still need an adapter cable for the iDevice that strips the power from the mic input line.

BTW the Mic-Instrument impedance adapter transformers work in both directions. They can make a line signal out of a mic signal but if input and output are exchanged they also can make a mic signal out of the line signal. But if you cannot get a used one cheap, they can be a bit expensive too and for stereo you need two of them. DI boxes can be cheaper because they have a higher production volume.