Reply To: rerouting soundjack output to zoom


Well, thats about what I was thinking, using a hotspot on the mobile and the LAN for the windows device. but I tested and latencs and quality dont suffer much if I use a videokonferencing tool on WLAN and the soundjack on LAN. So thats for later!

But….Since I didnt find the soldering Iron 🙂 I ordered a 4-pol jack-cable (headset cable) with a splitter in Headphone and microphone. Hopefully thats enough. If it would work that would be so great.

Im still miffed though, that the software solution doesnt work on windows. I dont expect quality, or stability at this point, a quick and dirty solution should be enough (it is a onetime event). I tried voicemeeter now, but soundjack doesnt want to accept it (I get a “change I/O settings” message), I tried VBcable and Audiorouter to no avail. I give myself till tonight, then Ill give up.

but Ill post the results here. Maybe somebody else is interested.

but many thanks jgspix, Ill try everything you send me!

greetings from Aachen