Reply To: rerouting soundjack output to zoom


Dividing the apps onto two machines is a good idea. It keeps the load for the soundjack computer as low as possible.
It also makes sense not (!) to use the same network for soundjack and zoom (or whatever you want to use for distribution).

This is also explained in the very good video from a sax player and an accordeonist (Duo Aliada) that has been on the start page of soundjack for a while (some time ago) and is now on the startpage of the fastmusic tab on website. It is also directly available on youtube:

You need to see the whole video to understand what they have done to realise it. They tricked a lot for the video.
The streaming part starts at 18:35 for about three minutes to the end.

The use of a mobile device for distribution gives you the choice to use a mobile connection, but you can also check if a WLAN connection would be acceptable. Just check how you want to get the sound into the mobile device, an audio interface might be needed or you need to adapt the higher line or headphone out to the sensible mic input by using an impedance matching transformer. (But you can also try a two resistor voltage divider to reduce the volume voltage.)

If you have another computer, you can use a mobile phone with tethering or a mobile data USB stick to make the mobile connection and run the broadcasting software on the computer. You might need a second audio interface if this computer doesn’t have a line in connection.