Reply To: rerouting soundjack output to zoom


Sorry for not having a solution yet. I tried it on my Mac with a Jack audio buffer of 128 and had problems with sound quality. Then I directly connected the interface to zoom via Jack and that gave me a peak visual in Zoom at least.
I think it might have to do with the sound buffer size, since the buffer sizes (and sampling rates) of all applications and sound hardware have to be the same. In Zoom I didn’t find a selection for the sound buffer size, so You might need to experiment trying different network buffer sizes for SoundJack and the same buffer size for Jack.

Not a solution, but maybe that helps you trying to solve your problem. I might check again during the weekend (and maybe even on a Windows 10 machine). Don’t forget, that the sound input and output on a Windows machine needs to use the same driver, in this case Jack.