Reply To: Level meter dB info


Reducing artifacts caused by the level meters (mostly on slower machines or with many connections):

The active level meters (at least currently) can put a big load on the machine.
Users of slower ones might therefor want to disable the level meter display.
This could be accomplished by removing the hook (or click on the little “on” that does not change) on the right side (or below) the users level meter in the left column.

A good use would be to level in after entering the stage (works well with the local volume in the left column), half to three quarter of the level meter for peaks is a good range if you level in as loud as you can imagine it can get. If you have done that, disable the level meter on slow machines (or maybe also with many connections). Then make your connections to others (who hopefully have done that too).

If you are not sure keep an eye on the CPU load. There are programs in every supported operating system that can display the CPU load and idle in percent.
Alex recommends not more that 10% of CPU usage, which would result in 90% idle. (I’m not sure if Alex means 10% including all processes or only for Soundjack and Browser.)
A MBP from 2008 might use about 20% for the operationg system alone, but still runs well with 66% idle (34% total load) and acceptable with 50% idle (50% total load).

The level meters are always switched on after a new loading of the stage, so don’t forget to disable them if you need to reload the stage.