Reply To: Firewall Rules for Beta Software Server


Hi Deborah,

I got the impression that at least sometimes 181 can connect with 181. But I wouldn’t count on it.
As I said, a server/mirror connection always works, but a peer-to-peer connection needs the port forwarding.

I ónce asked Alex for the difference, but as far as I can remember he said that there is no practical difference between 1, 2 and 3 as the second digit.
In the FAQ the 2 even vanished some time ago, I think because he thought it would no longer happen. And then I came with 321…

Since it does not have any influence on the use of SoundJack, an explanation might be too complicated to understand for most people and probably leads to questions that takes time away from Alex development.
And it is nothing that you can influence unless you use a different router. This is a built-in behaviour in the router software that you cannot change.

Here in Germany I have several musician collegues who have a FritzBox-Router and they all get 111 with their FritzBoxes. So, if you really want 111, even though it won’t change anything beyond the number, you may want to buy a FritzBox if your internet provider allows to use user provided routers.