Reply To: Firewall Rules for Beta Software Server


Thank you for this info, Jörg. Appreciate you jumping in to answer my question!! Happy to get the confirmation that the NAT indicator 131 will afford me full connectivity. I had a suspicion that the middle number might be important. I’m with a group of singers, and when we last got together, we could not connect. There are six of us — two were showing 131, the rest 181. The 131s could connect with everyone, the 181s could connect with both 131s, but the 181s could not connect with each other, except for one pair. I went to the FAQ page and figured there should be no more than one 181 amongst us — glad to see you mention that too (yay I understood something!) But I wasn’t certain if the connectivity would be worse with 131 compared to 111. It sounds like they both work just as well. But why the difference and what is the difference? I was hoping I could use that info to figure out what we did wrong (or differently) when we set up the current router. It isn’t explained in the FAQ unfortunately, perhaps more detail than most people have time for…but I’m still curious!! 🙂 Thanks again.