Reply To: Connect 2 computers on same LAN to WAN


I am not sure about it, but I think you can announce to outside users that the server is not run on the standard SoundJack-port 50050 but a different one (a bit higher would be less problematic than between 50000 and 50040). I think the port number can be defined in the server or personal settings on the website.
That way you can still use one computer to connect p2p or outside server to others and keep your internal server for your own groups. But you need a second port forwarding in that case to allow other participants to get access to your server.

Thanks for your info how the server can be started on Big Sur. It’s very nice to get help for myself here too.
I checked it with a previous version of SoundJack on MacOS X 10.11 (as I only have an old and rather slow MBP 4,1 from 2008).
So I’m going to check it with MacOS X 10.13 (hacked version for my old machine) too, which is the same SJC-version as for Big Sur, maybe it is a problem with the SJC for the old MacOSes.

I have no idea why Alex has a second VPN-entry for every selectable IP-address and what it really does.
(I do know VPNs and have set up a few myself, but I have no idea where the endpoint is.)
I may need to ask him. BTW, I’m not in his team, more a kind of a bug reporter and external advisor in a few special cases.