Reply To: Connect 2 computers on same LAN to WAN


With respect to Jörg’s reply 4819, I may have overstated my results due to my limited knowledge of Soundjack. I will be doing further testing this week.

With respect to Ian’s reply, who is establishing these “crazy” UDP ports? I fundamentally do not understand the process by which these p2p “connections” are established. Is there more detailed information about this?

With respect to Jörg’s reply 4839, I would think this is more the router behaviour than the port forwarded computer working as a server. Unfortunately, most of my experience is with routers on government research and not with the simplified home systems. I cannot get any detailed information from my ISP on my own router/modem.

This would all be simpler if the p2p port was specifiable, rather than fixed at 50050.

As I am looking at groups of singers larger than 4 or 5, I think I will need to migrate to the server mode, rather than p2p. Is there any documentation on the simple server?

Thanks to both of you for your help.

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