Reply To: Starlink


OK, either they use a different technology than what I know about or you have a surface radio link (pointing to a radio link on the surface of earth and not a satellite in the orbit).
Alex explained in his dissertaion which is downloadable from the SoundJack site, what range of distance (in Europe) gives acceptable latency values.

I have no idea why the DNS Rebinding is needed at all. As long as the FMB can find out the WAN-side IP-address they should be able communicate with IP-numbers only. Names are for humans. But that’s a question for Symonics. Maybe they change that in the future if possible.

Yes, cable internet can have a large jitter on latency because several customer share a medium and another customer’s traffic can delay delay your data traffic by different amounts. And the largest time delay comes from either very large distances or the number of hops the traffic is routed through. I wouldn’t recommend using SoundJack if a member is outside a circle of about 200 km diameter.