Reply To: Connect 2 computers on same LAN to WAN


Ian, is my guess right that the port forwarded computer is working as a server?

It is correct that this will work with any number of internal or external users, but for a p2p-network, it would only work with two partners, the port forwarded machine and one external partner.
It would work with unlimited internal members, but then these non-port-forwarded machines cannot reach external non-port-forwared ones (and maybe not even external port-forwarded ones).

BTW, in any p2p-group one member can fully participate without port forwarding, but if there is more than one participant without port forwarding, these participants cannot contact each other.

The UDP ports are unchanged if the first and third digit in the three digit routing ID are 1. Anything other than that indicates that the router changes the port number (incoming or outgoing), but they keep track of that, inform the application about the port change and therefor the data traffic will reach the SoundJack controller.
The three-digit routing ID i explained in the SoundJack FAQ.