Reply To: Starlink


I received a reply today from Starlink which confirms DNS Rebinding Protection is in place and not able to be disabled. No surprise they would go for the higher security choice.
When I use the FMB wired to my own modem the latency on the stage to the Virginia mirror is 40-50 with Starlink. Ping to “DNS” and “provider” (named by Starlink) is low 20’s. Latency to “Google” and gaming hosts is as low as 40 but sometimes in the 50’s and I have seen 60’s.
The reason we are exploring this is because the Virginia mirror stage latency is 50-60 with cable internet. The group are physically far apart and stretching the limits of SJ already.
So far limited practical tests are no worse but it does seem we were able to use lower jitter buffer settings but we have not tested that rigorously.