Reply To: Connect 2 computers on same LAN to WAN


Just an idea, I have no idea if it works or not.
You can try to use the VPN version of the IP-address on one computer and the other, that gets the port forwarding, using the normal address.

In general SoundJack is not meant to be used with two computers on a NAT-separated network like every consumer router uses.
It might work if you can open a VPN connection for all traffic (or SoundJack-related traffic) to a computer on the internet that is directly addressable (no NAT) on the internet.

Another solution might be to have a SoundJack server on you internal LAN and forward the router ports to the server address. Then you can connect with the different LAN IP-addresses to the server and the external ones should be able to connect too. But then you loose p2p connectivity.

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