Reply To: SJ with UAD


You need to be more specific what your settings were.
Any direct out or interface integrated mixer should be disabled/muted.

What do you want to do with this setup? Recording the whole session in multitrack?

Then you need to send your interface inputs to SoundJack (and your recording software if you want multichannel output). So connect your interface to loopback in/out.
The input channels of SoundJack need to be the channels that you used above, so select loopback as the input.
For the output channels also select loopback in soundjack.
Select different channels than your input channels for the others network sends on the right side of the SoundJack stage. If a stream is multichannel it will be distributed to the next channels as much channels are sent.
Connect these higher channels (than your own send channels) to your recording application and to your interface if you want multichannel output or use the master output for two track output if you want to mix all tracks and get the mix into your monitoring.

That should at least work in some way. You might need to tweak some things depending how you want to use it, but you should be able to get any channel in the tracks and be able to get some signal out of your interface.

The rest you should be able to find out yourself. If not, think over if your studio technique knowledge would cover that in the real world using cables in the same situation.
Using multichannel inter-application work needs some time and thinking to get it working. And a fast machine with more than two processors, I think.