Reply To: I know the Audient iD4 box is low-noise, but this is pushing it


Yes, sorry that I didn’t write back yesterday.
When I drove to shopping I thought that the quiet sound could probably happen because of a bad cable. And most probably using a dynamic mic because with a condenser it depends if phantom power and shield gets through the cable at all.
Well, You were quicker than me and found the problem. Congratulations for identifying the problem yourself!

Alex temporarily switched back from the linear bar to the old VU-meters, but that can change back any time. I think there were problems with the new meters.
Please ask Alex yourself for keeping the old VU-meters as an option. I don’t have any influence on that (I’m just being a kind of beta tester for Alex with music tech and computer science background) and the more are asking Alex for that, the higher the probability to get them back in some way.
BTW, the meters are part of the web site, not the SJC. So changes like that can happen any time.
For the new version which needs a new SJC there is the website where you need to get a new SJC from this site (incompatible with the regular one). But this is testing for errors, not for regular musical collaboration.

Have fun with SoundJack!