Reply To: I know the Audient iD4 box is low-noise, but this is pushing it


Dear Jörg –

Nailed it; thanks truly. A new XLR-XLR cable encouraged the iD4 line-in/mic input to preamplify the Shure 33-3010 dynamic unidirectional mic. I gave a voice lesson with it and the iD4 over Google Meet and everything worked.

Yes, surely, as to the 48 KHz sampling rate; I understand from the recent discussion about different rates inadvertently changing key that this is a meaningful issue. Audio-MIDI-Setup showed the iD4 had no muting, and 48 K sampling. While I had toyed with the iD4’s 48V power button, there was no perceptible smoke or audio quality degradation from the mic. The phantom power stays off now.

The headphones clearly registered a signal out of the iD4 when I selected it as output and the internal MacBook mic as input. Its sound playing recordings is nuanced and rich, with very still backgrounds.

I rather miss the old VU meter widgets now that everything in SJC210106 is extra sleek. I don’t suppose they could be an option…?

Herzliche Dank,