Reply To: I know the Audient iD4 box is low-noise, but this is pushing it


Dear Daniel,

it might have been a typo, but the sample rate for SoundJack is 48 KHz, not 44,1 KHz. But I’m rather sure on a Mac that will set automatically, but better check it in Audio-MIDI-Setup. Also check if something got muted in Audio-MIDI-Setup when selecting your iD4 there.

You are right, what works for singing would work for acoustic violin or viola too. It might be a bit less volume with the stringed instruments, depending on mic placement and your voice volume, but it should work.

You wrote that you worked with a USB condenser mic before, but what kind of mic do you use now? If it is a condenser with an XLR-connector, did you engage the phantom power (48V) on the back of the interface?
Do you get a signal on your headphones connected to the iD4 and with the iD4 selected as output when you select the internal mic of the mac for input (this is possible on a Mac but not on Windows)?

We need to check where the problem lies, so if the headphones at the iD4 work with the internal Mac mic, we get a step further. Could you tell me what mic you are using?

Also a condenser needs to be connected by XLR on both sides. The XLR-TS-cables only work for dynamic mics and should be avoided where possible. The iD4 might also accept only line level on the T(R)S connector inside the XLR-connector, so that’s one more reason to avoid these types of cables.

Alex is constantly working and changing things and sometimes it can happen that it does not work correctly, but this is rather seldom.