Reply To: I know the Audient iD4 box is low-noise, but this is pushing it


Dear Joerg –

Thanks very much. I play acoustic classical violin and sometimes sing Lieder usw. The iD4 advertises as a tool for recording voice (on mic) with an optional electric instrument (on line in). My SoundJack setup is the same that has been through a dozen chamber music sessions and is embarrassingly ordinary. I merely changed my audio-in option from CAD U37 USB digital condenser mic to iD4, and audio-out from headphones to iD4. The sampling rate remains at 44.1K and the jitter buffers and CODEC settings within normal ranges. The iD4 (as output) plays classical MP3’s, GarageBand exports, and voice memos with rich, clear sound. I have to believe, as both a string player and baritone, that a mic and audio box that can capture my singing voice can work comparably for the violin or viola. I appreciate the insight into blackhole, which (as one would expect from your description) produces an aggregate sound identical to the iD4 alone. No gain, no pain – just no particular use. But then one can ask, what software between the iD4 (as input) and SoundJack *would* let me sound louder? If you really want to see a screen capture from [Stage] I’ll provide it, but it truly is ordinary.