Reply To: Configure mix server to send own signal back?


I’m sorry that I cannot answer your question, Don. You need to ask Alex.
I just wanted to make clear that you didn’t take the best route to a small delay where it would be possible (four or five connections should almost always be possible with most dual core processors) and explain what you can do to adjust your self delay like it would come back from a server (or arrive at the others using p2p).

Mixing all together is a lot more easy than taking out one voice for everyone (but in every case a different one). The same stream could be sent to everyone, so only one output stream would be needed. But this is not how SoundJack was designed.

Alex might not want to change the way it is now because with the self delay and your individual volume slider you might have a better control over your own playing than mixing all together, and changing that may take some time to make it work reliably.
As far as I know Alex always have more important things on his list to be solved than that, I think.

BTW, I’m not actively involved in development (beyond bug reporting and explaining my ideas to Alex), just a user who understands the technological side as well as the musical one and try to help if I can.