Reply To: Configure mix server to send own signal back?


Hi Jörg – I play keyboard (electronic) and sometimes sing (acoustic) in Fred’s band. Ideally, I’d send my keyboard sound (electronic only) and vocal (acoustic only) sound to the server (or peers), and by using good over-the-ear headphones and turning down my local loopback volume slider would hear my sound only coming back from the server – basically, that would let me hear my mixed electronic/acoustic sound as everyone else would hear it from me, at more or less then same time as everyone else is hearing me.

So, just following up on Fred’s question, I guess you’re saying that it is not currently possible to configure a mix server to send my own signal back to me, and there’s no plan to add that feature anytime soon? So the only alternative is for everyone to self-delay as you’ve so clearly described it in your response above? Understanding Alex’s concern because of the two-way network delay, is there a way to configure a server to include a player’s own sound in the mix he/she receives back from the server?