Reply To: SoundJack Stage Enhancements


Data/User Migration: This will be a critical part of the expanded rollout. The question is how to do it. Traditionally a software cutover is to make a backup and then bring the new software and data over during cutover. In order for the transition to work there would have to be a way to get the data in place so all the new user-oriented functionality would work without the rollout becoming a months-long process, which would happen if it were left to the users to update their profiles on their own. Using the laissez-faire approach would leave the user-search functionality essentially useless until enough users updated their profiles. This is an easily solvable problem. Currently, upon logon, the first panel the user encounters is the profile page. Ah, we have them captive! If there were a trigger in the database on the instrument field(s) such that a failure to mark at least one entry for an instrument would not allow moving forward, leaving the only option as logging off the site, this would then force the initial collection of that data and, at a minimum, the musical instrument search would work. Also this would guarantee that a look at a particular user’s info via the link (or whatever is employed to display that limited data) would at least show their instrument. Having a trigger functioning in this way could be a permanent solution, not a throw-away mechanism and would ensure a successful rollout and guarantee that this critical step of user profile setup is not skipped, since a successful rollout is not just that the software works as intended, but that the new functionality is useable.